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You don’t know the Muffin Man!! Oh my gosh. Having your wife do the voice-over was classic. All Hail The Queen of the River! All your videos are great. The two of you are truly entertaining.”-Jon Gunner Outdoors.

“Always a fun time fishing with Lance @AnglerX on the Mightly Mississippi!”– Jackson Baumgart Outdoors

"Great video Niki! I'm looking forward to my first voyage on the Mississippi in my own boat. It is great to learn from you and Lance. I was tempted to have my wife listen to your philosophy about marrying an angler!" 🙂 Dave

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Our mission is to bring you relevant, honest, and fun angler content.

We love the outdoors. There is no substitute for fresh air and new experiences. With Lance being a lifetime angler and Niki being somewhat new, you are sure to get well-rounded advice for your next adventure.

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